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New Voice Tech Events

August 4th 2021: Agent assist with Balto CEO, Marc Bernstein - Worldwide (Link).

August 5th 2021: How Genesys are approaching voice AI, with Elcenora Martinez - Worldwide (Link).

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Early Bird tickets until August 13th 2021 for Voice-Connected Business Europe.

Special Discount until August 19th 2021 for Voice Conference.

Early Bird tickets until August 30th 2021 for World Summit Ai Americas.

Early Bird tickets until November 30th 2021 for The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit.

New Replays

Taking Turns

July 26th 2021 CoCoHub

Episode 030: Eran Soroka talks with Brittany Neal, conversation designer at Wix.

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Lingofest 2021

July 30th 2021 Witlingo

Ahmed Bouzid of Witlingo interviews Preston So, author, and speaker - Part Two.

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Voice Spark Live

July 29th 2021 Voice Spark

Nick, Emily, and Ben are having a round table discussion about VoiceCon.Live.

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Diversity in Conv. Design

July 29th 2021 Botsociety

New episode about Culture and Diversity in Conversation Design.

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Two Voice Devs

July 29th 2021 Two Voice Devs

Mark and Allen chat about which features jumped out at them from the past Alexa Live.

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Botmock Ask Me Anything

June 22nd 2021 Botmock

How to Build a Team and a Process Around Your Chatbot, Voice App, or IVR.

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