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New Voice Tech Events

February 28h 2021: Meet the Experts in Voice, Audio & Tech - Worldwide (Link).

March 3rd 2021: Voicebot.live Episode 2: The Future of Voice in the Car - Worldwide (Link).

March 5th 2021: Convoclub #3: where conversation designers chat - Worldwide (Link).

March 1st 2021: Conversational AI Innovators - Worldwide (Link).

March 1st 2021: What’s new in conversational AI? - Worldwide (Link).

March 4th 2021: Rasa User Group Berlin: Virtual Meetup #5 - Worldwide (Link).

March 5th 2021: Conversational AI Happy Hour - Worldwide (Link).

March 18th 2021: Rasa Webinar: Beyond the Release Notes - Worldwide (Link).

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Early Bird until June 19th 2021 for Voice-Connected Business Europe 2021.

Super Early Bird until April 1st 2021 for Digital Book World 2021.

New Replays

VUX World Live

February 25th 2021 VUX World

Building a business on Alexa and Google Assistant with Tom Hewitson.

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VOICE Talks India

February 25th 2021 Modev

VOICE Talks India - Episode 3: Voice for Marketers.

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February 25th 2021 Modev

Season 2, Episode 2: Starting A New Decade With VOICE And AI.

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Ironhack Events

February 25th 2021 Ironhack

Conversational UX Design: How to Design for Errors.

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Alexa Tech Talks

February 25th 2021 Amazon Developer Services

Create More Natural Conversations with Multi-Value Slots.

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The Future is Spoken

February 22nd 2021 Digital Assistant Academy

Episode 24: Natural Sounding Synthetic Voice with Rupal Patel.

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