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February 6th 2021: Chatbot & Voice Meetup | Happy Hour Livestream - Worldwide (Link).

January 27th 2021: Voice Spark Live W/ Ahmed Bouzid! - Worldwide (Link).

January 28th - Bringing human-like performances to AI custom voices with Zohaib Ahmed - Worldwide (Link).

January 28th 2021: Fix It Hour with Nico - Worldwide (Link).

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Use code BOTS2021 to sign up for free for The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2021.

Early Bird until November 1st 2020 (but still available) for Project Voice 2021.

Early Bird until January 29th 2021 for World Class Digital Transformation & Innovation 2021.

Early Bird until February 1st 2021 for Conversation Design Summit 2021.

Super Early Bird until April 1st 2021 for Digital Book World 2021.

New Replays

Coming to Terms with AI

January 11th 2021 CoCoHub

What is STT and TTS? What does is stand for, and why? with Suze Cooper and Miri Blayckher.

Watch all the Episodes on YouTube.

The Future is Spoken

January 19th 2021 Digital Assistant Academy

Episode 18: Jeff Blankenburg - How to build the future of voice?

Watch all the Episodes on YouTube.

Women in Voice Spain

January 21st 2021 Women in Voice Spain

UX Writing y Microcopy. Diseñar con palabras. Eva Janeiro y Clara Sánchez-Puga (Spanish).

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