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Dear users. I will not be able to take care of my side project voice-events.com anymore. This website is no longer updated since May 1st 2022.
If you want to take care of it, feel free to contact me. Thanks. Nathalie Scott.

New Replays

VUX World Podcast

April 21st 2022 VUX World

How Homeserve is using DialogFlow for CX automation, with Phil Jordan.

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Voice Spark Live

April 13th 2022 Voice Spark

Nick, Ben, Liam, and Emily talk about safety and your Voice Assistant.

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This Week In Voice LIVE

April 15th 2022 This Week In Voice

Season 6, Ep 11 featuring Andrei Papancea (NLX) & Brad Hastedt (DataForce).

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Lingofest 2022

April 6th 2022 Witlingo

Ahmed Bouzid of Witlingo interviews Anne Ganguzza, Voice Talent (part 2).

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Women in Voice Italy

March 31st 2022 Women in Voice Italy

Donne, impresa e tech con Darya Majidi, CEO e founder di Daxo Group (Italian).

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Two Voice Devs

March 24th 2022 Two Voice Devs

Episode 87: Voice Content Management Systems (Part 3), with Mark and Allen.

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