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December 11th 2020: 5 Critical Differences Between Voice & Chatbot Design ft. Sonia Talati - Worldwide (Link).

December 16th 2020: Make Sound On Purpose - December 2020 - Worldwide (Link).

December 9th 2020: Digital Assistant Throwdown - Worldwide (Link).

December 2nd 2020: Progettare la conversazione - Worldwide (Link).

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Use code BOTS2021 to sign up for free for The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2021.

Early Bird until November 1st 2020 (but still available) for Project Voice 2021.

Early Bird until December 4th 2020 for Voice-Connected Business Europe 2021.

Early Bird until December 4th 2021 for Rasa Summit 2021.

Super Early Bird until January 1st 2021 for Digital Book World 2021.

New Replays

The Future is Spoken

December 1st 2020 Digital Assistant Academy

Episode 11: Hans Van Dam discusses the importance of writing for listenability.

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November 29th 2020 Kinisoftware

¿Qué es una skill de Alexa? con Joaquin Engelmo Moriche (Spanish).

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Coming to Terms with AI

November 30th 2020 CoCoHub

What is a component in Conversational AI with Maaike Groenewege and Miri Blayckher.

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