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Learn more about Nathalie Scott, the founder of www.voice-events.com.

Who I am

My name is Nathalie Scott. I am a French Freelance UX Design Coach with 18 years of experience in Usability and UX Design.
I provide my expertise to my clients in order to achieve a common goal: the optimization of their websites, mobile applications, and their users' digital experience.
I am also a Voice Tech enthusiast. I love this technology even though the User Experience is not perfect. I believe I can use my UX expertise on screens to help you improve the experience with Voice devices and multimodal devices.

Why did I create www.voice-events.com ?

It all started in May 2019, after attending the VivaTech Conference in Paris, France. Straight away, I bought the Google Nest and the Alexa Echo Show. Unfortunately, the experience I had was so bad that I realized there was a lot to do, just like when I started my career in the Web in 2000s. Great challenge, but for that, I knew I needed additional skills. So I decided to search for Voice Tech Events where I could learn about this new Tech. I had to spend a lot of time doing my benchmark because there was no specific Website dedicated to Voice events. By the end of 2019, I went to Munich, Germany for All About Voice and then to Berlin, Germany for Voice Conference. In January 2020, I went to Chattanooga, TN, USA. It was amazing. There were so many participants gathered with the common desire to share their knowledge to promote Voice Technology that I also wanted to make my contribution by sharing the Voice Events that I found during my benchmark.
That's how this website www.voice-events.com was born.

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Nathalie Scott, Freelance UX Design Coach

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